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What Fills Your Aussie Christmas Stocking?

Lots of Aussies fill it with plenty of cheers and a few beers, but where does that leave quality wine?

At our house, we don’t just celebrate the unconventional, we embrace it. I nearly always pick out the wine, or at least the wine style, first. That’s before I know where we’re going to be eating. Then I go out of my way to find an eatery which serves the best examples of our preferred food matches with that particular wine. For most people, it’s the other way round.

Here’s some wine and food matches which at first glance might seem a bit cliched to you, but check them out and you’ll soon see why they’ve all stood the test of time.

1. Hung meat like hung duck, quail, or chook with Pinot Noir. Just remember it is not to be matched with the “pretty” end of the Pinot spectrum though. They often smell reminiscent of strawberries, but I’m talkin’ bout the other end of the spectrum…. the slightly stinky, gamey, hung meats end. The “pretty” confectionary end of the Pinot continuum is great with a fresh fruit compote for breakfast, but it’s just not great with game meats.

2. Sparkling Burgundy with white meats like turkey. Especially the red sparkling version. Once it’s clocked up a few miles… a bit of bottle age, they smell like field mushrooms and they’re perfect together. Bubbles just seem to ‘lift” the aromas and textures of turkey meat when I have them together.

3. Those lovely off dry (semi sweet) Rieslings with Szechuan dumplings and spice. Be careful: not too cold. Another match with these wines is pretty much anything marinated in honey. They mirror the nose of good, aged Rieslings. Smoked Pork ribs marinated in honey / is a classic match with these Rieslings.

Finally, don’t be frightened to try your “leftovers” the next day. You’ll be surprised how even a day or so makes them seem more complex and inviting.

Personally, we’re hoping for the greatest of Christmas seasons. In fact, we’ve already asked Bacchus, the god of food and wine, to grant you a safe, stress free, fun filled Christmas and New Year period. Let’s fill it with amazing food, great wine and all those near and dear to us.

Don’t wait for a grand occasion to pull out that grand bottle; Christmas time IS that grand occasion.

Cheers - JP

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