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Thanks For All Your Support!

I wanted to say thanks for all your support over the last 5 years but wasn’t sure how. I decided what better way, than to produce a kick-ass McLaren Vale red under $13 per bottle! The 2017 Le Petit Rouge is a McLaren Vale Cabernet Shiraz blend. It went live online this month and with Naked Wine’s amazing business model, it’s on the virtual shelf at the Angel price of just $12.49. Wow!

This wine is unique in that it isn't a single vineyard wine. Cabernet and Shiraz blends are often referred to as 'The Great Australian Blend' but recently have been overshadowed by the trend for single varietal / single vineyard wines. They are now however finding an audience for their considered style and consistency.

This exciting and emerging style of wine, is part of a growing trend where winemakers are specifically setting out to create full and robust red wines that are also smooth as silk. It is 4 years old, and demonstrates a rich, intensely flavoured and velvety smooth approachable palate that has been made to be enjoyed with others.

As part of this release, I simply ask that give you it a try. After all, you are the ones who made this wine possible! Secondly, let me know if it over delivers at $12.29 and thirdly, let me know what you think of the label (as I thought I would try something bolder) to highlight its amazing value.

Enjoy the Unconventional, -JP

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