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New White Available For Summer

Did you see our new white wine go live this week? It's a 2021 Sav Blanc from the Adelaide Hills and is perfect for hotter summer days. The 2017/2018 drought and 2019/2020 bushfires, means it has been three years since I released a white wine from the Hills.

We all know of Sauvignon Blanc from elsewhere, but the Adelaide Hills region is now making its name as the newly respected home of quality Sauvignon Blanc in Australia. The fruit has been sourced from a mate's top notch vineyard of high elevation at the southern end of the Adelaide Hills near McLaren Vale. This vineyard is renowned for producing some of the best fruit in the Adelaide Hills.

I am fortunate to have a great relationship with the vineyard owner allowing me to secure this exciting parcel of fruit (and enough fruit) to put this wine together. The 2021 vintage was a difficult year due to a cooler summer with the mercury not reaching 30°C or above in Feb or March, which is unusual for South Australia. This led to a small fruit crop which ripened very late in the season. I am certain it will be one of the best vintages in the last ten years for whites from the Hills.

This wine demonstrates typical regional charm and definitive varietal fruit flavour. Light and refreshing, this Sauvignon Blanc is associated with tropical fruit salad flavours. The distinct citrus fruits; lemon and lime, add a refreshing finish to this lovely, bright, fruit-packed expression of the Adelaide Hills. No grassy or herbaceous undertones!

Serve nice and cold on hot days, enjoy over summer and see you by the pool! - JP

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