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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all those dads out there! Here at Handcrafted Enfant Terrible we hope you are getting spoiled rotten and kicking your feet up. For me my Rosé is a constant reminder of being a Father as I named it after my daughter Jacqueline who is now 3 and a half. She was born during the hustle and bustle of vintage in 2017. Speaking of Rosé, we feel that it is a wine style that more Aussie's should be drinking and the 2020 vintage will very soon appear on Naked's virtual shelves for your drinking pleasure.

Just remember not to over chill. Some tend to 'chill the living daylights' out of Rosé and lose precious fruit flavour. A LOT has been written about how well Rosé goes with chillies and heat - based food, so we're not gonna add to any of that except to say they don’t do each other any favours. In fact, if you do drink really cold wine or water with chillies all you’ll get is more pain. You see those wet compounds actually open up the pores of your palate, letting in all the bad boys for longer.

The real reason for me imploring you all to drink more rosé is that it’s a natural fit for our climate and lifestyle (and I enjoy making it). The great outdoors, uncomplicated, and informal. What’s not to like about a medium cool to cold wine in spring & summer? Some of the best examples are made from varieties like Sangiovese, Nebbiolo and Mouvedre. The 2020 Adelaide Hills crop was significantly down due to the drought. Then the devastating summer bushfires of late 2019 arrived which nearly forced me to pull the plug on my most popular wine. However, being a stylistic wine rather than a single region / single vineyard wine, I decided to look outside the Adelaide Hills for the fruit to make my 2020 Rosé. In a hurry to source enough fruit, I viewed multiple vineyards and settled on two vineyards; one in Currency Creek, South Australia and the other just over the border in Victoria’s Murray Darling Region. Keep an eye out for the 2020 vintage and enjoy chilled (but not too much) on a warm day, with cool friends. - Jp

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