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Cellar Door Coming Soon!

I am very excited to announce that we have purchased a property on the outskirts of Milton within the Shoalhaven Wine Region of NSW. For those of you who haven’t heard of the region it is located 3 hours south of Sydney. It’s been called one of Australia’s most exciting new wine regions by Halliday.

The first thing you are probably thinking is how does a winemaker from Adelaide end buying a property down here. Well it is love! Not sure the significance of each element, but a love of surfing, a love for my partner, a love for the region & the people and a love for the historic cottage on the property are the driving factors.

While visiting my partner in Sydney, we were heading down the coast more and more on surfing safaris. During the flat swell days we would find ourselves in the historic country town of Milton at the local pub with the micro brewery Dangerous Ales. On one of these discovery days we saw the original Circa 1868 gatehouse advertised for sale, fell in love and had bought it by the end of the week.

What does all this mean? In short, even more travelling between SA and NSW, if that is possible! I will still be making my Handcrafted Enfant Terrible Wines across regional SA for Naked, but in addition I will be establishing a new vineyard, olive grove and eventually tastings and will invite all the Angels to visit.

Once again I thank you for all your support over the last 6 years, as the purchase of this property has made a dream come true. If you are interested in following the trials and tribulations of turning our acreage into a vineyard and our cottage into a cellar door, - ensure you are following me on Naked or head to thegatehouse_milton on Instagram. - Jp

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